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Articles & Interviews

Interview with Piera Tocci on Breakthru Radio

Guest Post on First Books website, March 2009

Interview with Liz Saint John for ALICE 97.3 radio - March 2009. Available as a podcast

interview with Ann Ryles - published online at The, March 2009

Catherine Brady, “The Unlikely Mentor,” The Journal of Life Sciences, Nov. 1, 2007. Available at

Interview with William Patrick, editor, The Journal of Life Sciences, Nov. 1, 2007. Podcast available at

“Relieved to Learn that I Could Still Learn: An Interview with Catherine Brady,” interviewed by Gordon Hurd. Available at After the MFA,

“Writers on Their Work in Progress,” interviewed by Mark Pritchard. Available at

“A Cage in Search of a Bird: The Elusiveness at the Heart of Story Structure,” in
Writers Chronicle (fall, 2003). Archive available to AWP members at

Interview in Irish Women Writers Speak Out: Voices from the Field, ed. Helen Thompson (Syracuse University Press, 2003)

"Showing and Telling: The Necessary Partnership," in Writers Chronicle (May 1998). Archive available to AWP members at

"Myths and Realities about Short Story Writing," in Writer's Handbook, ed. Sylvia K. Burack (The Writer, Inc., 1984)

Stories available on-line